School of the Word

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About this Ministry

One of the core philosophies of Love Sanctuary is that church is not a crusade; rather it is a commitment to build and nurture disciples of Jesus. In pursuit of this, we have small group Bible study groups that meet for one hour every Sunday. Our Sunday service begins from 8.00 to 10.30am.

The first hour (8.00-9.00 am) is dedicated to the study of the Bible in small groups of 10 people. We believe this is where our people are nourished and effectively discipled.

There is also the opportunity to share our life experiences with one another in this small group setting. We wish to use this medium to invite you to join us in one of our exciting sessions.

Bible studies on Sunday morning at first seemed like a bother. But as I continued to attend, the topics being discussed were very practical and relevant to me. I enjoy sharing ideas with other people in my class and also to hear stories of other Christians. It is a blessed time at church and I encourage everyone to be a part of it.



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