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About this Ministry

At Love Sanctuary, we believe that the church is meant to be an agent of God to heal the broken hearted, provide hope to the hopeless, strengthen the weak, help the wanderer find his/her course, and help others on their journey to live as children of God.

We have different counselling programs to suit different needs in the church. Our pastoral counselling ministry is designed to show you how the gospel is relevant to your issue and help you begin the path to healing through Jesus.

In addition, our pastoral counselling program is designed to help you go through the difficulties of life based on the word of God. At Love Sanctuary, we value marriage and family life. For those who are dating and considering marriage, or who are engaged, we have a great pre-marriage program that includes counselling and seminars. Why don’t you come and talk to us.

Our doors are opened on Wednesdays and Fridays 9.00-15.00 for counselling.

What I admire about the Counselling program at Love Sanctuary is that the pastors are welcoming, trustworthy, and empathetic. I have never felt unheard or judged despite the several times I have approached them with serious challenges. The dedication, support, and prayers are very much appreciated



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