Young Adults Ministry

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About this Ministry

The Next Generation ministry is made up of enthusiastic, dynamic, young adults of 18-28 yearswho are on fire for God with a passion for salvation. We believe that a secured future can only be guaranteed when our young adults, who are the next generation, are passionate about God.

We are therefore committed to discovering, raising, mentoring, developing, and releasing young people into ministry and helping them fulfill their God-given ministries. We take our young people seriously because we believe in them as the next generation. Are you a young person seeking meaning in life, a family you can call home, identity, and purpose?

Come join us as we celebrate Jesus and go on a life journey today.

Dynamic youth ministry. A great group of people from different backgrounds, knowledge, intellect, and skills. The leadership of the church is passionate about us and continue to impart great knowledge to us. It’s never a dull moment when I am at a young adults meeting.



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