Ushering and Protocol

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About this Ministry

This is our first point of call to anybody who enters the church. We believe in the God given abilities of everybody therefore our Ushering department is of uttermost importance to us as a Church.

These are people who prepare the Church auditorium for services and also welcome people to church.

  • They are well trained to handle any kind of person who enters the Church.
  • They are well mannered and well-dressed to create a lasting impression on anybody who visits us for the very first time. Just visit us one of these days and they will make you feel at home. The protocol department ensures all ministers of the church are comfortable during services.
  • They are also responsible for the beauty of the church.

I love how they are always smartly dressed, ensuring order during service. Their smiles do not fade, despite congregation stubbornness. The greeters are my favorite



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