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We are a family of Christians who are committed and passionate about Jesus. At Love Sanctuary, we believe that Jesus is God and take Him at His word. Because of this, everything we do is all about Jesus. We are excited about knowing you and going on a journey together to know and serve Jesus, our Lord.Why not join us in one of our life transforming services to celebrate the Lord with us!

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Experience Love Sanctruary

Where Jesus Is Exalted And His Love Is Demonstrated

Our Church Ministries

Our over 120 volunteer church workers invest much energy and time into our church services to help you have a wonderful experience of Jesus. Through our various ministries, we help provide a congenial and deep spiritual atmosphere for you to have a full experience of our Lord Jesus. In addition, our various ministries provide a platform for you to discover, sharpen, grow, and fulfill your ministry.

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Our Leadership Team

Leadership is ordained by God to serve as a catalyst in fulfilling his agenda in the lives of his people. Our leadership team is made up of godly men and women who desire to see the glory and the power of God manifested in the lives of his people. At Love Sanctuary, our leadership philosophy is simple: Nurturing and Transforming Lives to the Glory of our Lord Jesus.

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Let Us Help You Grow


Growth is a process that requires a continuous investment. At Love Sanctuary, we are interested in your growth in the knowledge and experience of our Lord Jesus Christ. We see ourselves as partners set by God to come alongside you to grow and become more like Jesus. Let us help you grow in your walk with the Lord!

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Life Development Ministry

Love Sanctuary is more than a church. We are a family. This family life is demonstrated by our commitment to providing an atmosphere to take care of the whole family needs. Once you are in Love Sanctuary, you are assured that the whole family is built up together in the Lord.

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Church Services

Why not join us in one of our life transforming services to celebrate the Lord with us!

  • Sunday Celebration Service
    Every Sunday, several faithful men and women gather to celebrate and enjoy the presence of God at Love Sanctuary. Our Sunday Celebration services are designed to deepen your walk with the Lord, challenge you to grow, guide you to life fulfillment, and provide a home for godly fellowship.

    Are you looking for a family of believers where you can belong and grow in your knowledge and experience of the Lord? Love Sanctuary is the place to be this and every Sunday.
    We meet every Sunday for a wonderful celebration service.

    TIME: 8:00am to 11:00am

  • Fridays Prayer and Miracle Service
    At a point in everyone’s life, a miracle is needed. We believe that God is still in miracle working business and everyone’s is a special case to God.  Every Friday, we usher God’s people into intensive prayer and supplication for Divine intervention. We lay hands and trust God together with you for his miraculous hand over every life issue.

    Are you looking for a place to pray and make supplications unto the Lord? Are you looking up to God for a prophetic direction for your life? Are you trusting God for a breakthrough? Why don’t you join us in one of our Prayer and Miracle service this and every Friday? We meet on Friday.... Come and be blessed!

    TIME: 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  • Wednesday Teaching and Communion Service
    People become Christians for many years and yet fail to grasp the basic doctrines of our Christian faith. At Love Sanctuary, we believe the basics are important in building you up in your faith and walk with the Lord. Every Wednesday, we spend time in the Word of God, teaching the basics of our Christian faith.

    After the teaching for the word, we participate in the life and power of our Lord by way of communion. Every Wednesday is an opportunity to go to the Lord’s Table by sharing in his body and blood. The day for this wonderful service is every Wednesday.

    TIME: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

  • Deliverance Service
    We believe Christianity should affect all facets of your life including spiritual, physical, financial, professional, education etc. However, in life, you sometimes find aspect of your life going out of control. Such issues require attention and a focused action to deal with them.

    Every Wednesday during the day, we meet several people to listen, counsel, pray, and deal with their chronic problems. If you have any issue that has gotten out control, we want to trust the Lord with you and deal with the issue. We have special counselling, healing, miracle, deliverance session to help you walk in your Divine plan.

    TIME: 8:00am to 1:00pm

  • Special Counselling
    Our counselling program is designed to help you go through the difficulties of life based on the word of God. Make an appointment with us this Wednesday as we listen to your issues and help you triumph over them.

    For those you who are dating and considering marriage, or who are engaged, we have a great pre-marriage program that includes counselling and seminars. Make an appointment with us today!

    TIME: 8:00am to 1:00pm

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